Medici Land Governance is using blockchain and other technologies to provide user-friendly, low-cost land administration systems. As a public benefit corporation, we pledge to promote economic development and full financial inclusion by helping individuals in developing countries to establish formal ownership of their property.

The results of these combined efforts include:

  • Developing economies compete effectively in the global economy with clear property ownership.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs gain access to credit and public services.
  • Governments more effectively generate revenue, enforce property rights, and support functioning property markets.

Our Team

Ali El Husseini | CEO
Ali El HusseiniCEO
Rob Hughes | President
Rob HughesPresident
Trent Larson | CEO
Trent LarsonSenior Manager of Development
Medici Land Governance Team

MLG Core Values

We are doing more than implementing blockchain technology in land management, we are reintroducing trust, transparency, and accountability into the system of land exchange and administration.

Empower the individual
Individual land owners are MLG’s primary customers. They are the focus for the design and functionality of our products. While businesses and government institutions are important stakeholders, helping individuals secure their land rights and unlock the value of their assets is our first priority.
Government leaders with vision can use technology and other tools to improve the lives of its citizens. MLG designs systems that help governments administer and serve the people in a user-centric, efficient, and cost effective way.
Our products embody the highest quality software standards. We use the best coding, development, architectural, organizational, and product management processes available, to produce the most robust, secure, and effective software products.

MLG News & Announcements