Our proprietary tools are built to improve the process of identifying and mapping boundaries, accessing and managing titles, and securing records to prevent tampering or accidental damage and loss. Medici Land Governance transforms land titling and records collection for owners and governing agencies with streamlined and cost-effective technology.

“This program ensures more residents of Lusaka realize title deeds for their houses so they have sustainable shelter security and wealth. We thank MLG.”
Miles Sampa, Mayor of Lusaka, Zambia

Land Records on Blockchain

Secure current systems and data by utilizing blockchain technology as a consistent and transparent backup of information. Storing land records on blockchain secures existing systems and benefits all parties by preventing accidental damage or loss of data.

Land Records on Blockchain
  • Secure Storage: Blockchain provides an immutable record of the original transaction
    • The use of unique keys on the blockchain safeguards against tampering and data corruption
    • Storage on the blockchain creates proof of existence at specific times with trust that there hasn’t been tampering or any introduction of invalid data
  • Trusted Data: Transparency on the blockchain enables third parties to search and review titles
    • Independent validation increases trust in the data
    • Changes can be verified by keys
  • Reliable Records: Blockchain guarantees a fail-proof backup of events down to an individual record
  • Simple Search: The distributed ledger of the blockchain is accessible for search and review by vested parties

Land Administration System

Our Land Administration System is a comprehensive tool built using open-source standards and infrastructure to provide the benefits of the latest technology at a low cost of maintenance. Easily integrated with other organizations and accessible from multiple systems, land administration system consolidates current workflows into a singular tool.

Governing agencies create a digital catalogue of records by integrating current systems with our land administration system.

  • Digital Access: Digital storage of land records and administrative tasks
  • Fast Search Results: Quickly retrieves records and applications
  • Easy Estimates: Calculates fees and taxes based on property size or valuation
Land Administration System