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Accurate Data


Applications, signatures, and photographs are completed on-site electronically, preventing any loss of data through missing paperwork.

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Acquisition of
High Quality Imagery


Drones used to capture high-quality imagery for the pre-vectorization of demarcation area boundaries

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Customized Forms

Surveys with customized question branches and process flows support various tenant types.

Advanced Technology

Integrated android collection apps and desktop review applications allow documents, including proof of identity or ownership, to be quickly reviewed and validated to ensure application accuracy.


Attempts to alter or forge data are more easily detected.



Analyzed records publicly displayed and verified by landowners and community. Manage conflict or objections that may occur because of disputed ownership or property lines.

Data Confidence


Both Geospatial and Social data validation process which allows confidence that the data collected is the right data for your process.

Immediacy Matters


By adopting a “fit-for-purpose” model, MLG is tackling the global land rights issue right now and at a mass scale. MLG uses a Systematic Land Titling method to swiftly secure land rights for the world’s underprivileged and most vulnerable. Once land rights are secured, new owners will unlock financial potential and create a new level of security for themselves and future generations. With this methodology, MLG is able to reduce the registration time from months—to only a matter of days or even hours. Governing and administrative bodies reduce valuable time wasted on bureaucracy, and can focus their attention on their social and economic growth.

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Systematic Land Titling

Uses customizable data collection forms and approval workflows for the systematic issuance of titles


Document Generation

Ready for distribution titling documents are generated for all properties that have sufficient approvals as defined in the government approval workflows.

Payment Integrations

Payment integration services available. Titling payments are recorded and communicated to the systematic land titling system.

SMS Notifications

Provides timely updates to stakeholders at any stage of the SLT process.

Digital Signature

Streamlines document approval while reducing risk of altered or forged data.

Approval Workflows

Customizable government approval workflows allow each step of the government approval process to be recorded efficiently using digital signatures, and automatically generated documents required for land title issuance.


Systemic Land Titling

​In partnership with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, MLG is leading a nationwide effort to provide 4 million certificates of title to Zambian landowners.

Prior to this, MLG led a systematic land titling pilot project for Lusaka City Council designed to accelerate and expand its titling program.

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