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In partnership with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources


MLG enumerators went house-to-house to collect ownership information, checking property boundaries and collecting signatures for official documentation and land titling.

Following the pilot, the Lusaka City Council partnered with MLG to lead its development and operationalization of a land management system.

​Medici Land Governance (MLG) collected data using systematic land titling that included pre-vectorized high resolution property images, community verification, and machine learning to support land governance.



MLG is designing and implementing a proof-of-concept for recording up to 500,000 NYC condo records on blockchain. 


Through the proof-of-concept, MLG will display blockchain records in a user-friendly portal.


The proof-of-concept will demonstrate the potential for broader blockchain-based interventions around other aspects of public administration in NYC and elsewhere.

Preventing Deed Fraud in Land Sales

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MLG supports Teton and Carbon counties with an immutable archive of land records on blockchain, which can be viewed through a convenient web portal.

  • Stores all land records since 1996 on blockchain

  • Viewable through a convenient web portal

  • Provides public access to the blockchain transaction information and proof of the record

  • Gives access to MLG’s blockchain at Teton County and Carbon County’s Public Record Search page

Land Records on Blockchain

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  • Designing and implementing a pilot project for more efficient paperless land transfers

  • Recording key authorizations and approvals on blockchain to ensure security and prevent the double selling of land and impersonation or forgery of identity or signatures

  • Increasing speed of service to Rwandan citizens and reducing administrative costs for the government

  • Enabling the government to more easily share data, enabling easier, more rapid access to information

  • Reducing transaction times (reduction from 2-8 weeks to 2-4 days)

Paperless Title Registrations

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MLG captured aerial imagery of the island of St. Kitts and provided a comprehensive cadaster system of the island.

A cadaster is a visual representation of land and other real property showing the location and extent of property, with imagery and diagrams.


  • Aerial imagery provided high-resolution photos and a detailed map of the island

  • Cadaster records can now be used by the government with their land administration system

Cadastral Mapping

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MLG is implementing a free pilot project to issue land rights documentation to up to 1,000 landowners in Monrovia, Liberia.

In partnership with the Liberia Land Authority and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, the project is modeling an approach for systematic land titling and digitized land administration in urban Liberia.

MLG will use drones, tablet-based enumeration technology (SLT), and our land administration system (LAS) to help strengthen land rights and modernize the country’s land administration system.

Digitizing Government Processes

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MLG is using aircraft carrying LiDAR sensors and mapping cameras to collect highly accurate and detailed LiDAR and orthophoto maps of the land surface. Following imagery capture, MLG will process this data to produce digital terrain models and map imagery for extracting infrastructure, water features, and 3D building models.

The resulting data—terrain, aerial imagery, and extracted features—will become key layers in the national map. The project covers 545 km2 of urbanized area (nearly all of Guyana’s urban footprint) and another 15,736 km2 of rural area.

LiDAR Acquisition Project

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