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February 23, 2023

News Article

Africa's Zambia Tests Tech for Regulation of Crypto

"Zambia authorities and Overstock's Medici Land Governance would work together to reform land ownership by enabling local rurals access to the financial markets..." 

February 20, 2023

Journal Article

Zambia Testing Technology to Regulate Crypto Sector

"In 2018, the government of Zambia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Overstock's Medici Land Governance (MLG) to restructure land ownership..."

February 20, 2023

News Article

Zambian Minister Expects Country to Adopt
Cryptocurrency-Based Regulations

"Medici Land Governance would collaborate with Zambian authorities to improve land ownership, give digital ownership certificates to local rurals..."

February, 2023

Research Report

"Frontier Technologies for Securing Tenure: A Review of Concepts, Uses and Challenges"

"These include...the 'Ubutaka App' developed by Medici Land Governance for the Rwandan Land Management and Use Authority (Hughes et al., 2022)..."

January 31, 2023

News Article

IDB Executes Blockchain Property Registry Pilot with Chromaway

"Meanwhile, Medici Land has implemented several land registry projects in emerging economies, including Mexico, Liberia, Rwanda and Zambia."

November 2, 2022

News Article

GLSC/ FAO Commences Lidar Aerial Survey of Guyana

"In the coming weeks, international expertise provided by Medici Land Governance (MLG) and its partners will conduct aerial surveying activities across Guyana ..."

All News and Articles

An Overview of Frontier Technologies for Land Tenure: How to avoid the Hype and Focus on What Matters

"Medici Land Governance addressed this challenge by first mapping the extent of the chiefdom areas."

October 11, 2022

Journal Article

IFAD/FAO - GeoTech4Tenure: Using Technology to Secure Land Rights

MLG discusses how they use spatial data tools and services to document land rights and land use with the aid of high-resolution satellite and drone imagery.


October 13, 2022

PDF Presentation

Earth Observation in support of SDG 1: Earth Observation for Land Tenure Security

MLG's Didier Sagashya participated in the Earth Observation in support of SDG1... The webinar featured presentations from three international experts in land administration and cadastral mapping using remote sensing and geospatial data.

October 12, 2022


"Using Remote Sensing and AI in Property Valuation"

Authored by Ron Dalumpines, Javier Clavijo, Jason Buchanan, Trent Larson, and Ryan Chacon.

September 11, 2022

Research Article

Enhancing Africa's Human Capital with Better 21st Century Skills to Achieve the AfCFTA Goals

On July 13, 2022, MLG participated in the Afroseed Africa Continental Free Trade Area Youth and Women Engagement Summit at Mulungshi Conference Center. Begin at 5:16:40 to watch Eddie Kana Banda represent MLG

July 13, 2022

Presentation Panel/ Panel at Summit

Promoting ProPoor Land Rights in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals

The session focuses on key challenges, lessons learned, and practical strategies related to Systematic Land Titling across the globe. 

June 30, 2022

Conference Presentation

Posthoc Salon: Human Flourishing and the Security of Home

CEO Ali El Husseini was a featured guest presenter discussing how blockchain technology is revolutionizing proof of land ownership. Speakers also included Ambassador Chola Milambu, Permanent Representative of the Rep. of Zambia, and Andrew Serazin, President of Templeton Foundation. 

June 14, 2022

POSTHOC and Templeton World Charity Found.

IFAD Innovation Day Side Event: Applying Frontier Technologies to Secure Land Rights

Discussion with MLG on using frontier technologies to secure tenure. FAO and IFAD are exploring the range of available and innovative geospatial tools and frontier technologies that can be used for securing land tenure for poverty eradication and rural transformation.

May 18, 2022

Presentation Interview

Zambia's Embrace of Digital Technology Will Empower Citizens, Landowners with Economic Opportunities

CEO Ali El Husseini writes about a system where transactions are backed by data which is secure, trustworthy and efficient. Zambia is exemplified as being on the path to this goal thanks to the Electronic Government Act.

April 16, 2022

News Article

Digital Technology to Expand Opportunities for a New Generation of Aspiring Farmers and Agricultural Engineers

CEO Ali El Husseini writes "with the [Zambian] government streamlining the process by approving the use of electronic signatures, citizens in areas where agriculture is a major source of economic growth will be able to realize their own dreams much faster"

April, 2022

News Article op-ed

Harnessing Technology to Advance Citizen-Centric Land Administration in Rwanda

"[The Ubutaka app" uses emerging technology to simplify land transactions by voluntary sale and prevent double selling of land, identity fraud, and repudiation... The web-based application integrates seamlessly with existing Rwandan systems"

April, 2022

Journal Article

Issuance of Offer Letters in 9 Demarcation Areas in Chilanga District

On March 9, Medici Land Governance in partnership with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources started issuance of offer letters in nine demarcation areas in Chilanga District.

Marchl, 2022

TV News Story

Cryptographic Digital Technology for the Prevention of Property Theft

MLG's Jethro Jones writes about how cryptographic digital technology could be developed to eliminate property registry fraud even before it occurs. 

March, 2022

Journal Article

Zambia: Private Sector Investment in Security of Land Tenure. From Piloting Using Technology to National Rollout

Emmanuel Tembo and Didier Sagashya address issues around securing tenure rights, cultural beliefs and the problems with customary land boundaries and expansions of towns affecting the cultural settings in the fringes or urban areas. 

January, 2022

Journal Article

Land Portal: Gender Inequality in Land Ownership in Zambia and the Contribution of Medici Land Governance in Securing Women's Land Rights

Evaluating the gender inequality that currently exists in land ownership in Zambia. MLG's effect through the Systematic Land Titling Programme launched by the MLNR in 2014 under Honorable Jean Kapata.

January, 2022

Website Post - Research Paper

Utilizing Emerging Technology to Streamline Good Land Governance

MLG holds first land conference on Utilizing Emerging Technology to Streamline Good Land Governance. Inefficient and inaccurate land registry systems, lack of standardization and transparency, and the loss of paperwork remain common challenges to good land governance around the world.

December 16, 2021


Blockchain Technology: Human Rights Risks & Opportunities

MLG's Trent Larson contributed as a subject matter expert to the CSIS panel discussion Blockchain & Human Rights. This report was made possible through a grant from the U.S. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

December 15, 2021


Blockchain Technology: Human Rights Risks & Opportunities

Blockchain technology has been proposed as a potential answer to a variety of human rights challenges, from ease of access to voting and identity-based service delivery to land rights protections and supply chain traceability.

December 14, 2021

Research Paper

Land Tenure Security as the Foundation for Data Collection and SDG Impact Measurement

From its establishment in 2018, Medici Land Governance (MLG) has steadily expanded its presence on the African continent by incorporating the objectives and becoming sensitized to measurable indicators in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), formalized by the United Nations in 2015.


November 4, 2021

Conference Presentation

SDG Center for Africa Moves to Advance 2030 Agenda Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals Center for Africa (SDGCA) in Kigali has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Medici Land Governance (MLG) that will help in developing practical applications and ways of measuring the impact of five selected Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).

November 3, 2021

News Article

How Rwanda Uses Blockchain Technology to Ease Land Transactions

In November 2018, Akumuntu said, the Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority (RLMUA) and Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Medici Land Governance (MLG)...

November 2, 2021

News Article

Medici Land Governance and The Sustainable Development Goals Center for Africa Sign MOU to Advance SDG 2030 Agenda Goals

Medici Land Governance (MLG) has signed an MOU with the Sustainable Development Goals Center for Africa (SDGCA) to advance Africa’s overall development agendas and the SDGs 2030 agenda over the course of two years, with option for renewal.

August 5, 2021

Press Release

Ubutaka App: Rwanda’s Paperless Land Registration System Ready to Go

Rwanda’s paperless land registration application dubbed ‘Ubutaka App’ has received high recommendations at the African Union level with a promise to disseminate it to other countries on the continent.

The Ubutaka App was developed by Medici Land Governance (MLG)...

November 1, 2021

News Article

The Future of Finance and Money in MENA

On October 12, Ali El Husseini participated in the Middle East Institute's panel discussion The Future of Finance and Money in MENA. Other panelists included Sandra Ro, CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council, and Brock Pierce, General Partner at SpaceFund and crypto billionaire. Andrew Sollinger, Publisher at Foreign Policy, moderated the discussion.

October 12, 2021


Medici Land Governance and New York City Department of Finance to Explore Use of Blockchain to Address Deed Fraud

Medici Land Governance (MLG) has partnered with the New York City Department of Finance (DOF) to develop a proof of concept for the use of blockchain technology to detect and reduce deed fraud in New York City. Applying blockchain technologies to New York City’s land records has the potential to improve business processes, reduce risk, and help to address deed fraud.

August 5, 2021

Press Release

New York City to Explore Blockchain for Preventing Deed Fraud in Land Sales

The New York City Department of Finance (DOF) is planning to explore how blockchain can be used as a means of preventing deed fraud in land records. The city's finance department will work with Medici Land Governance on a proof of concept blockchain for land records.

August 5, 2021

News Article

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