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Restarting the American Dream

Homeownership across America

MLG is making Homeownership and neighborhood revitalization a reality again by connecting prospective Homebuyers with Investors who share in the asset gains on a property over time.


Millions of americans can no longer afford a home

These families have lost the path to wealth

This has created a Negative impact

No asset appreciation
No home
No generational wealth
No access to capital
Being stuck in a renter cycle
Widening Wealth Gap


What if you could afford part of your home now?
What if investors would rather invest in homeowners than renters?

MLG is making homeownership a reality again and creating a path to wealth



  • Access to homeownership

  • Homeowners can grow their wealth

  • Less debt-burden: more capital for property maintenance and self-care

  • Can buy more shares over time (first right of refusal)

  • If they can afford rent, they can buy into this model

Investor/ Community Benefits


  • Community members can invest in revitalization efforts

  • Cultivates Home ownership & Pride in community

  • Liquid: Tokens can be sold on an open market

  • Higher long-term gains (homeowner vs. renter home)

  • Transparency from blockchain (vs traditional real estate transactions)

The Perfect model will create homeowners 

MLG’s fractional ownership technology & business model drives unique value by increasing homeownership and neighborhood revitalization--in addition to creating wealth for investors.

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